Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Photographer in Toronto


Nothing highlights an exceptional product like brilliant product photography. If you have a product to sell, you’ll want to start looking into getting attention-grabbing photos for your ecommerce,advertising, social media, menus, and other marketing tools. So, how do you go about your search for the best product photography studio in Toronto, you ask an excellent question!

Here’s a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid when picking a product photography service in Toronto (or anywhere else.)

7 Mistakes you don’t want to make when selecting a product photographer in Toronto

Mistake #1: Being unfamiliar with basic product photography options before hiring a studio

If you want to avoid hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, there are a few things you should know abouthiring a product photographer in Toronto. Perhaps most important is to know there are different types of product photography. Sure,it looks easy, but an expertphotographer will be versed on several types of product photography.

Types of product photography

Here’s a few photography types you can expect to see in the portfolio of experienced ecommerce photography services in Toronto.

●    Traditional product photography – used by most, these photos show the product by itself, perhaps with some props on a table, but not much more. Product may be shot straight-on or as overhead shot.

●    White background shots - common for ecommerce. Look at any product displayed in an online store, they’ll have at least one photo where you see the product by itself, floating in the air, on a white background, usually nothing else in the image. Also referred to as infinity curve shots, they make it easy for shoppers to zoom in, see the details, and focus on the product only.

●    Lifestyle product photography – also common for ecommerce. Lifestyle photos show the product in context or in its natural environment. Example: you’re selling a water bottle. Instead of taking a photo of a well-lit water bottle on a table, you it in the hands of a person at the gym in the gym. This is an example of traditional product photography vs lifestyle product photography.

●    Product line grouping - if you have several products in the same product line, you may want shots taken of all items together, versus individually, to convey your brand.

●    Product photography (scale) - if you have an item where size matters, you may want to include images showing your product size when compared to something else. For example, if your value proposition is based on your laptop being small, use a photo showing your laptop next to a larger one so buyers can see what they’re getting. Often photographers will film something really small next to a coin currency to show scale.

More than one type of image may be needed

You may need to use more than one kind of product photography for your marketing. For example: for an ecommerce line, you may start with 1. a lifestyle photo of your product showing it being used in context, or in real life. 2. You also may want a white background photo, showing more details. 3. And if it’s part of alarger product line, you may want to show the other products as well.

That’s three distinct types of images.

So, now you can see how knowing your options will make it easier for you to pick a photo studio in Toronto.

Mistake #2: Not looking at a product photographer’s portfolio when making your selection

An excellent product photographer will have photographs that really showcase your item(s), make you want to buy. To achieve this, you’ll require a studio with photographers capable of producing a range of distinctive images, different styles. Most Toronto product photographers have portfolios online for easy review. When you get the portfolio, check to see:

●    Has the studio or photographer worked on products like the one you’re looking to get images for?

●    What is their photography style,their creative aesthetic? Serious or humorous, colorful or stoic—something else?

●    If your marketing campaign needs a specific tone, look carefully at the portfolio to determine if the photographer can match the vibe you want for your product “glow up.” Even if they haven’t done something exactly like what you’re looking for, if their portfolio shows a lot of different looks and styles, they likely can get you the image you want.

●    Also, watch out for photos that aren’t really “styled” or where the products look sloppy. Styling your photos simply means arranging them in a way that makes them look their best. A good photographer will organize them, symmetrically or asymmetrically in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

●    Do the photos in a portfolio standout or look different from each other—or is everything the same? Hire a product photographer creative enough to create different looks for all their clients.

An excellent product photographer will be skilled in different styles of product photography. They’ll be able to suggest unusual ways to make your images “pop.”

Watch out for product photography studios with images that look good, but don’t really sell or convert. Look carefully at their portfolio photos—have they composes images that makes you want to buy, or learn more? Or are they just “pretty pictures?”

Mistake #3: Ignoring studio reviews or recommendations

It’s one thing for a photographer to say they’re good, but you know what’s better–seeing samples of past work. That’s why in addition to their portfolio, good product photographers routinely post the best of their past work for potential clients to review. Their social media also will give you clues about their work. It’s okay to ask for client recommendations as well.

Mistake #4: Choosing a product photographer who doesn’t knows the Toronto market

If you’re a business catering to the Toronto market, you probably want someone who knows the area. Though online product photographers may be based anywhere, some studios, like us at Pophaus, are based in Canada.Though we work with international clients all over the world, are hearts, and our photography studio, is in Toronto. It helps to hire a product photography studio that knows this part of North America, able to produce product photos that work for Toronto—and the rest of the world.

Mistake # 5: Overlooking logistical issues of using studios outside of the Toronto area

It’s all in the details. Something as important as shipping can cause projects to balloon in cost. Want to use someone outside of Canada, maybe even beyond North America? Before making that choice, consider, how much it will cost to get your product to the studio. Shipping products internationally, especially larger ones, can be expensive. Make sure shipping estimates, both for cost and arrival times, work for your project. It may take several days or a week or more, each way, depending on where you’reshipping your product.

What about scheduling? Does the studio have enough time to dedicate to your project? Are they too small or too busy to get the job done on your schedule? What if there’s a problem with the photos and you need a reshoot?

These are just a few logical issues you should look out for when choosing a product photography studio.

Mistake #6: Not understanding pricing before making your decision

Obviously, pricing is a consideration for any organization before making any kind of product photography decision. But before making the mistake of choosing your product photography studio based on price alone, you should know a few things.

●    Photography rates can be deceiving. A professional product photographer may charge more, but they’ll often work faster than those with less experience. Before making your choice,get an estimate on how long a project is expected to take, then do the math before making a final decision.

●    Also, ask what services they provide as part of their package. Just photos? Or do they offer other valuable services you may need from a product photography studio in Toronto. Services including:

○    Product styling

○    Color correction

○    Photo retouching,

○    Props

○    Animations

○    Content delivery

○    More

Mistake #7: Hiring product photography studios that don’t take business seriously

Yes, photographers are artistes. But a good Toronto product photography studio has professionals who know how to take care of their customers. Studios with crappy looking websites, poor phone etiquette, and that take too long to respond to your email requests probably aren’t that great at providing the exceptional photography service you deserve.

Hey Toronto, high-quality product photography is only a mouse click away

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what to look for when hiring a product photography studio in Toronto. We hope when you’re looking at Toronto product photographers, you’ll start by looking at the work of our team at Pophaus. We’re a creative photography studio, local to area, offering a variety of useful product photography services to the Toronto business community. We’d really like a chance to show you what we can do. Checkout our productphotography work today.


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