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Sacheu Beauty is a brand dedicated to providing hygienic beauty tools and effective, skin-barrier conscious skincare formulas. They prioritize using efficacious ingredients that improve skin health while avoiding unnecessary additives like fragrance and dyes. Our collaboration with Sacheu Beauty involved two exciting product launch campaigns. The first campaign showcased their stainless steel body gua sha tool, while the second campaign introduced their stainless steel lip liners. Founder and influencer, Sarah Cheung (@sacheu), joined us for both shoots. Our team crafted a comprehensive range of assets, including e-commerce visuals, creative content, and model photography. Together, we captured the essence of Sacheu Beauty's products, highlighting their unique selling points and eco-friendly approach. By leveraging our expertise in imagery creation, we provided Sacheu Beauty with compelling visuals for their product launches. From start to finish, we built a cohesive visual narrative that showcased the beauty and functionality of their stainless steel beauty tools and lip liners.


product launch campaign, photography, prop-styling, retouching

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