ooya infusions

Ooya Infusions is a unique energy drink brand founded by Charline and Mathilde, two friends driven by a passion to create a personalized and healthier alternative in the market. Inspired by the rich heritage of Ecuador, they infused their beverages with guayusa, a leaf known for its stimulating and tonifying properties. Our product photography studio collaborated with Ooya Infusions to capture the essence of their brand. With a creative approach combining art direction, photography, prop styling, and post-production techniques, we crafted scroll-stopping imagery that showcased the vibrant and refreshing experience of Ooya Infusions. The visuals, infused with pops of color and a human touch, attracted the target audience of adventurous individuals, entrepreneurs, and designers. These captivating images not only refreshed their website but also served as key assets for retail expos, drawing in potential customers and sparking interest in Ooya Infusions as a distinct and healthier energy drink option.


product launch campaign, photography, food-styling, prop-styling, retouching

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