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Hillberg & Berk is a Canadian purpose-driven jewelry business, founded by women and dedicated to women. Their jewelry represents the boldness and brilliance that every woman possesses within herself. With a strong focus on connection and empowerment, Hillberg & Berk believes in the power of self-expression, allowing women to define their own unique identity. Their vision is to inspire women to own their colors and contrasts, creating a magnetic presence that inspires and uplifts others, ultimately contributing to positive change in the world. Our collaboration with Hillberg & Berk focused on creating fresh assets for their core products to be used across all channels. The primary objective was to attract and retain new customers through captivating digital advertisements that immediately convey our brand story. The resulting assets were bold, exciting, and visually compelling. They effortlessly communicate the essence of Hillberg & Berk, leaving a lasting impression with a single glance. These assets not only helped in client acquisition by attracting new customers but also provided strong content that can be utilized throughout the year.


product launch campaign, photography, prop-styling, retouching

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